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      1. Bite | lle Palma

        Spanish producer José Barrera (aka Bite) delivers lle Palma, basic_sounds closing netlabel release. Known for his dark immersive ambient drones Bite delivers a more tranquil, sombre, piano-driven ambient release with hints of nostalgia.

        “1977” opens this full length album with a sentimental piano composition alluding to feelings of sadness. “Odisea” is a soft ambient track with crackling nature sounds and distant reverberations, giving illusions to floating though space and time. “Ensueño” is a dark gloomy ambient piece incorporating piano and alien-like distant twirling winds. The titled track, “lle Palma” is a soft tranquil piece with delite piano melodies, distant bird sounds and soaring ambient waves. “Flor de un dia” is another subtle piano composition that offers a sense of lmness and peace. “Agujero negro” starts off with helicopter sounding winds merged with soft distant shakers, slowly introducing dark ambient intrusions. “Espectro visible” is a spectacularly beautiful piano interlude with light ambience to coast you through. “Claroscuro” is a light uplifting piece designed to arouse your emotions. “Fuga” closes the release with lming piano sentiments. This is one of those albums that touches everyone who’s listened to it – immersive, uplifting, evotive of a variety of things that you n’t quite pinpoint.

        lle Palma
        Flor de un dia
        Agujero negro
        Espectro visible

        DOWNLOAD ALBUM: MP3 (320Kbps) | Lossless

        Soundcloud | Bandmp | Vimeo

        Creative Commons License


        B. Toriyama | Episodes

        Sendai, Japan based dub producer B. Toriyama delivers Episodes, a four track EP that develops slowly delivering a loose, deep dub sound. Living in the northwest, B. Toriyama is deeply influenced by the beauty of his natural surroundings. Sendai is known for being named “The City of Trees,” and the symbolic Hirose River runs directly through the city. B.Toriyama is also known for his releases on Run On Recordings, Edaphon Netlabel, poleporerecords and many others.

        Episodes opens with “To The North,” a beautifully rhythmic atmospheric dub track with dense warm uplifting shuffling textures. “Sultry Dub” rhythms are lush with expansive, synth-washes and honed padded arrangements designed to lull listeners into his lming, swaggering groove. “Cloud” is a deep immersive dub techno track combined with warm tones and beautiful light washes. “Sauce” closes this gorgeous EP, with another sublime submission of programmed feather-light beats suspended in blissful ambience.

        To The North

        Sultry Dub



        DOWNLOAD ALBUM: MP3 (320Kbps) | Lossless

        soundcloud.com | facebook.com/toriyama.buntaro

        Creative Commons License


        Overst Sound | Commute Vol. 2

        German based dub techno producer Michael Pettit delivers yet another brilliant release, Commute Vol. 2 for basic_sounds. Known primarily for his masterful dub works as Overst Sound, Michael also creates organic piano-driven house melodies as Mikaere. With numerous releases on Silent Season, Thoughtless Music, Rohs Records, Untitled & After, Falk Recordings and Entropy Records, in early 2015, Pettit also started his own niche label Sound And Object.

        Commute Vol. 2 is a follow-up to Commute, according to Pettit, the “tracks are made to fit the somewhat repetitive daily commute.” The release entails two long format slowed-down dubby tracks that ultimately delivers a lming sauntering relaxed pace, perfect for reflective and meditative states. His organic warm contemplative soundspes are bound to put your mind at ease.



        DOWNLOAD ALBUM: MP3 (320Kbps) | Lossless


        Creative Commons License


        Erinome | In Hiding

        #Omaha, Nebraska based multi-instrumental sound artist and composer, Erinome (aka Aaron Hansen) delivers In Hiding, a breathtaking sixty-two minute long-format soundspe.

        A work in process since 2013, In Hiding is a beautifully constructed tranquil drone/ambient piece with deeply moving strings, distant spatial static combined with hints into other alien dimensions. Erinome elegantly blends shimmering floating ambience with subtle emerging vol snippets of communition from beyond. The delite nuances drift tenderly drawing the listener in to Aaron’s immersive, haunting world. Overall, a deep compositional journey of gently wavering ambient tones and structures with skillfully hyperreal characteristics entangled within.

        In Hiding

        DOWNLOAD ALBUM: MP3 (320Kbps) | Lossless

        VIDEO: Vimeo


        Creative Commons License


        X41 | S’up, Pluto?

        #Electronic ambient noise duo Jen Pearson and Jon Anastasiades join forces to deliver their third impressive X41 release S’up, Pluto? for basic_sounds.

        Here is their description of the release. “Pluto and Charon we’re so faaaar awaaaayyy…Ciliate? Eye of the Storm? Sequential Circus? n you be SURE of what you saw and heard? WE AREN’T. Suspicious computer meltdowns, hardware alterations, methodology shifts, knowledge revelations gave us a whole new heap of sounds to TRY to herd and send to your pineal…it took it’s toll…we aged; flesh grew again over our alloy skins, (JUST LOOK AT THE PICTURES FOR THE TRUTH,) ancient flesh with ice for blood…but, along with the audio, we harnessed the photons, harvested the mists, floated the bubbles (universes?) and were able to direct them, just for a moment! And now we see PLUTO, of course! No coincidence! Is passing the NEW HORIZON the end, or the start? LISTEN AND FIND OUT.”

        X41 delivers another futuristic soundspe taking one to the depths of outer-space. Enjoy!

        S’up, Pluto?

        DOWNLOAD ALBUM: MP3 (320Kbps) | Lossless

        x41x41x41x41.tumblr.com |

        Photo Credit by Nasa

        Creative Commons License


        Co-Op | Neighbours

        Toronto house producer, Oreste marra teams up with singer/songwriter and guitarist Marcus Wong to deliver Neighbours, a fusion of jazz, rock, house and techno. Oreste and Marcus first beme friends when they beme neighbours two years ago and their love of music spawned their infectious collaboration.

        Neighbours evolved from numerous jam sessions taking place over the last 6 months. The opening title track is an uplifting, evolving, organic house track layered with jazzy inflected guitar noodling and combined with a sort of laidback warmth and charm that is bound to put your soul at ease. “Oak and Eli” is a down-tempo slow-burning jam combining electric guitar and sparse organic percussive sounds. Closing the EP is “Earlscourt Park,” a playful number that features classic guitar chords, rhythmic organic percussive sounds and sunny feelings.

        Oreste marra would like to dedite this release to Viola for encouraging him to follow his passion for music and to his daughter Eliana who is a constant source of inspiration.

        Produced by Marcus Wong and Oreste marra
        Arranged, mixed and mastered by Oreste marra

        Oak and Eli
        Earlscourt Park

        DOWNLOAD ALBUM: MP3 (320Kbps) | Lossless


        Creative Commons License


        aspect. | examples.

        Portland based producer aspect. (aka Sage Taylor) also known for his releases as Textural Being supplies basic_sounds netlabel with another exceptional deep immersive release. aspect. combines warm and luxurious melodies throughout his arrangements, enpsulating the spirit of the Pacific Northwest.

        examples. opens with “proof.,” a subtle dense dub techno journey combining layers of ambient textures and distant reverberations. The self-titled release is a slowed-down gurgling dub release whose momentum gathers into a swinging techno stomper. With “rele. [laughing.],” Sage delivers lush melodic arrangements and blissful dub ambience, with delitely driven shuffles comparable to the likes of Thomas Fehlman for his flawless craftsmanship of merging together rich dub techno, ambient and melodious house. “sequence. [version.],” closes this phenomenal release with an uplifting dub-infused groove guided by finely honed studio instincts. Amazing.

        rele. [laughing.]
        sequence. [version.]

        DOWNLOAD ALBUM: MP3 (320Kbps) | Lossless


        Creative Commons License


        Erich Schall | Dubcutan

        German producer Erich Schall returns to basic_sounds with another phenomenal dub-techno output, Dubcutan. His sophistited dub grooves combined with his mastery of sound delivers a sublime journey into the deepside.

        Opening the release is “Garagesouldub,” a fuzzed-out, pulsating organic track incorporating alien-like vol rhythms. Erich Schall effortlessly assembles, a deep steppin’ beautiful soundsphere with his self-titled track “Dubcutan.” Wavering chords, subdued distance clangs combined with rich details, shimmer and pull you deep within. “Cutandub” closes this spectacular EP, with a slowed-down swaggering dub number perfect for reclined and immersive listening. Overall, Erich Schall continues to deliver his completely lush and utterly seductive signature chords, combined with flickering rhythms that ultimately take you to cottony dub space.


        DOWNLOAD ALBUM: MP3 (320Kbps) | Lossless


        Creative Commons License

        offthesky + Radere | Temporaryspace

        Colorado-based producers, sound artists and mates offthesky (aka Jason Corder) and Radere (aka rl Ritger) team-up to deliver Temporaryspace. A nineteen-minute long-format soundspe recorded live at an album launch for The Season of Lost Buttons – their last collaborative effort, which was distributed by Wist Rec. in March 2014 – Temporaryspace serves as a time-psule of their performance ethos during this fertile creative period.

        The jam grew out of improvised rehearsals at the pair’s former home and studio, as they explored non-traditional production techniques that fell outside the realms of their respective discographies. To create Temporaryspace, Jason used a damaged Realistic MG-1 Synthesizer run though a DSP array of pitch shifters, EQs, distortions, reverbs and live loopers. Meanwhile, rl lent his MS-20 semi-modular synthesizer to the proceedings, processing its signal with various Moog effects.

        No guitars or non-synthesized elements were used in the performance.

        Jason Corder describes the sound as the, “sonic equivalent to a massive cloud wall of synth loops, not unlike a giant dust storm you might see out in the desert.“ Temporaryspace is full of widescreen waves, alien gurgles and tactile spatial planes, which plunge the listener into an otherworldly zone.


        DOWNLOAD ALBUM: MP3 (320Kbps) | Lossless

        noise.offthesky.com | falsereactions.tumblr.com

        Creative Commons License


        CMD | Ice Daggers

        CMD (aka Cyan) is a DJ, producer and writer based in Montréal. She is the host of modular_systems on CKUT 90.3 FM, a program that has become a reliable lol outlet for deep electronic sounds of all kinds, from experimental and noise to techno, house and beyond.

        Following her releases on pertin_nce, Low Noise Productions and Fur Trade Recordings, basic_sounds is honoured to present CMD’s latest EP, Ice Daggers. This release features three tracks inspired by water, form and movement: “Sea Glass” is the name given to small bits of broken glass that are ground smooth by the movement of the ocean and st like frosted jewels upon the beach, “River Bed” sonilly imagines the incremental layering of silt in waterways, and “Ice Daggers” is a reminder of the pulsing sensation of skin submerged in snow.

        Ice Daggers
        River Bed
        Sea Glass

        DOWNLOAD ALBUM: MP3 (320Kbps) | Lossless

        REVIEWS: music.ckut.


        Artwork by roline Kunzle

        Mastered by Andrew Weathers

        Creative Commons License